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When I was little, everyone always told me to “dream big”. So I kind of took that statement and went with it quite literally. I always wanted to be a professional athlete of some sort – so I dreamed of that daily in which I some how wound up be being a professional motocross rider. And now after having started this company Grip Clean, my latest dream has been to retail the product at the largest, most unrivaled automotive store in the country.

After airing on ABC’s Shark Tank last year we were slammed with contacts from many retailers and distributors that were interested in carrying the product. The problem was, I didn’t realize there was that many filthy people in the world and how much soap I was going to need to make. I missed out on a lot of sales because of this. But I guess that’s the joy of learning how to run a business right?

Of these companies that contacted me, Advance Auto Parts was one of them. And if you don’t know who they are – they are the nations LARGEST automotive parts and accessories retailer. That’s a big deal. I was excited to say the least that they also saw the need for the product and believed in our brand and what we stand for. Only problem was at the time I couldn’t make enough soap to sustain an order.

Over the past year we have worked very hard to grow the business, its infrastructure, and our customer base. And Advance Auto has been by our side ready for the opportunity to jump on board with us.

Needless to say, Grip Clean can now be found in ALL Advance Auto Parts and CarQuest stores nationwide in the United States. We are beyond thankful for this opportunity to be working with them and their stand up staff and top of the line stores and service. Next time you find yourself getting parts for your next oil change, stop into Advance Auto Parts or CarQuest and pick up a bottle of Grip Clean. Save yourself the shipping and don’t buy it here!!!



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  • Lucia Bartoli

    Hi, I am not all THAT dirty, but I did want/need a product that would really get my hands clean after working in the garden, etc. So, I ordered some and learned that I’d have to wait a couple of months. I did and BOY, what a good thing I did. Not only do I LOVE GC, but I had some workers here fixing stuff in my mountain house and their hands were filthy. I told them to try it and they were washing their hands with it every time they finished working. Finally, I told them to go buy their own. The best thing of all, besides really cleaning hands is that the soap doesn’t dry out your hands or make them crack. AND, it smells good. I am so happy for you guys at GC…you deserve much success. Now all we need is to find this incredible product at Walmart, too. Congratulations!

    • Bryce Hudson

      Thank you so much for the kind words Lucia!!! Yes we are sorry for the long wait after Shark Tank… but thanks for sticking it out and spreading the word! Maybe Walmart can be next?!?

  • R. Johnson

    I’ve bought grip clean. I work outside and with my hands so I needed a soap that works and don’t dry my hands out since I need to wash them so many times a day. It worked great clean and soft great product. Hope it’s cheaper now since it’s in advance auto.

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